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A Guy's Afternoon In
Posted by Tom Coombe at 09:57:20 PM on February 1, 2007
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It's really astonishing how little The Office's Michael Scott understands about the world. Watching tonight's episode, I made a list of his misconceptions:

1. You jump start a car by basically sticking the jumper cables at any given point on the engine. Two sets of jumper cables, that is, on one engine.

2. A bra is removed by "twisting until something breaks."

3. The medieval concept of primae noctis. He seemed to think it had something to do with his duty as boss to make sure everyone looked good for Phyllis's upcoming wedding. Incidentally, Jim mentioned on tonight's episode that he went to Wikipedia to confirm the true definition of primae noctis (as did I). Ninety minutes after the episode aired, the Wikipedia page lists this episode under its "referenced in" section.

4. The term "separate but equal" rises from the rule that it's OK to hire strippers for a bachelor party as long as you do the same for a corresponding bachelorette party.

5. Ben Franklin was president, and he and the other Founding Fathers came here on the Mayflower.

Also funny: Michael's abbreviation for his "Guy's Afternoon In": "It's a GAI" (he pronounces this so it rhymes with "way," then tries to back track by saying that, just like what the women are planning, it's "a guy shower. An hour long shower with guys." Decorum will keep me from mentioning how he announced the steak was done).

Tom Coombe

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Current Comments

Pam: "Didn't Ben Franklin have syphilis?"
Ben: "Yes...but I don't."

Hilarious ep, one of the best this season. The primae noctis bit was absolutely hilarious!

Posted By: Rosey | Feb 2, 2007 8:56:14 AM
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