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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Posted by Tucker Hottes at 01:18:12 PM on June 1, 2006
Total Comments: 7

I first heard about this show as a passing mention from one of my friends in Philly around the time the first season ran last summer.  He was lamenting that he didn't get FX (yeah, it airs on the Fox cable spinoff).  For one reason or another I never really bothered to take a look at the show, but recently became interested again when Marc mentioned that not only is there going to be a season two, but Danny DeVito will be a regular.

The premise is pretty basic- three friends own a bar in Philly, one guy's sister is the bartender/waitiress/friend.  It's a half-hour laugh-track-free sitcom, but it's got some of the freshest and creative writing I've seen in a while.  Right from the first episode I was hooked and laughing out loud - the comedic timing is just brilliant.

Some of the situations the four friends get themselves into are a little ridiculous, but they don't stretch the realm of plausibility too far; just far enough to be insanely funny.  It's also refreshing to watch FX's less-censored scripting.  Broadcast TV is starting to push the limits, but for the most part it's still pretty squeaky clean.  Always Sunny In Philly deals with topics that would be straight-up off-limits for regular channels, so it adds that nice 'forbidden topic' dimension in places.

I highly recommend finding some way to watch season one's seven episodes before season two starts June 29.  Fox will be airing three (most likely toned-down) episodes Sundays starting June 11.  It's also available on iTunes, and of course other places for free (but you'd NEVER do anything like that, right?).


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Current Comments

Yeah, not too improbable. Oh, except this season Dee and her brother think it'd be HILARIOUS to pose as crackheads. So they smoke up, and accidentally get addicted. Hilarious!

Posted By: Chris | Jun 1, 2006 2:57:56 PM
Merge Digital

Wow, where'd you find season 2 episode descriptions? That sounds awesome, I can't wait. Sweet Dee and Dennis on crack, that'll be one hell of an episode. Thanks for the heads-up, Chris!

Posted By: Tucker | Jun 1, 2006 3:04:56 PM
Merge Digital

Fox may not tone it down too much -- don't forget it will be running right after Family Guy.

Looking forward to Season 2!

Posted By: Marc | Jun 1, 2006 4:11:50 PM
Merge Digital

Man, whey you dissin crack. I totally smoked up a zillion times, it ain't no joke pokey hokey dokey. Crack is some seriouss busineess.

You reguarly burn the tipz of yo fings mang, stakes is high when you need a fix dough.


Posted By: Pooky - New Jack City | Jun 1, 2006 4:22:19 PM
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The tee's Mac and Dennis were wearing are for sale here. Saw this on the sunny forum, just passing it along:

Posted By: Sarah | Oct 10, 2006 11:01:22 AM
Merge Digital

You can be lucky!!!

Posted By: luckymansy | Nov 13, 2008 9:05:03 PM
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