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Blog: TV Watchers
« Rockstar: Supernova, Week 2 | Main | Step Into The 'Sunny' »
Rockstar Week 2 Results
Posted by Marc Rosenberg at 10:28:26 AM on July 13, 2006
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If it were up to me, I would have booted all three of them.

Yes, that's how bad the Week Two results show for Rockstar: Supernova was. Three contestants, some who deserved to be in the bottom three, another who I felt did enough to earn a pass. Nevertheless, the fans of the world spoke, sending Jill Gioia, Zayra Alvarez and Chris Pierson to the bottom of the pack.

Gioia starts things off trying to earn a return trip, singing a song that was already done in Week One, "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence. This song didn't work for Zayra last week, and Lee, Clarke and Newsted were not high on the track the first time. Compounded by the fact that her performance was, again, less than Stellar, she wasn't helping herself.

Alvarez was next under the microscope, and she too, made what I thought was a potential fatal error. No one was impressed with her new age rock rendition of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" last night, so her choice? Sing it again. And again, she did not impress.

Finally, in a surprise this week, Chris Pierson got called on the floor again over what I thought was a solid rendition of Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" on Tuesday night. Was he trying to hard? Did he not measure up to Marty Casey's version in Season One? Whatever the reason, it was up to him to try and do something original and stay in the game. His choice? The track Phil Ritchie sang last night, Tonic's "If You Could Only See."

While Pierson gets an E for effort, to the bandmates, it just was not enough, and the athlete-turned-aspired rocker was given his walking papers.

Again, I did not think any impressed and would have eliminated all of them this week, but somehow Gioia and Alvarez did enough to find their way through to Week 3.

See you next Tuesday for more music and elimination in Week Three of Rockstar: Supernova.


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Any opinions on tnt's Nightmares and Dreamscapes? I love anything by Stephen King

Posted By: Gayle | Jul 15, 2006 4:55:27 PM
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