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Why Is Water So Damn Expensive?
Posted by Tucker Hottes at 01:20:32 PM on September 25, 2006
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I paid $1.69 for 20 oz of water today.  That is ridiculous. I shelled out the cash, naturally, but give me a break - why is water as expensive as something filled with artificial ingredients like soda? Can it really cost as much to purify and bottle WATER as buying all the dozens of raw materials and preservatives that go into making a soda or fruit drink?

The worst part about it all is that we don't have water here in the office - when I first started someone told me I could pay a monthly fee and use the water cooler on the other side of the building. Thanks, that's great, but I think I'll stick to bringing my own or buying it overpriced from the vending machine.

I think it says a lot about our society when we have really expensive "gourmet" water like Evian and even the "low-rent" stuff is a buck a bottle.  What is this world coming to? Next I'll be shelling out 10 cents a minute for air. You laugh now, but just wait...  it'll happen.


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